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Men's Underwear luxury and comfort


We select our fabrics based on 3 criteria : comfort, lightness and durability.


Our organic fabrics woven in France are labeled:

- Gots: "Organic Textile" Global Organic Textiles Standard - GOTS certificate issued by Ecocert Greenlife.

- Alter-Tex: The Textile Industry


Our organic fabrics woven  in Switzerland are labelled :

- Gots: "Organic Textile" Global Organic Textiles Standard - GOTS certificate issued by Ecocert Greenlife.

- Swiss Organic Fabrics: The Swiss Organic label guarantees a quality product and the fabrics are produced exclusively within Switzerland. The yarns used to produce the fabrics are exclusively long and extra long silk yarns made from organic cotton. Reduced transport between plants contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Ribbons are labeled:

- Oeko-Tex: "Confidence textile" according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.



Poplin is achieved by weaving in which there are more than twice the son of channel frame per square centimeter. Nevertheless, the weft yarn is larger than the chain. Poplin is woven tight with a plain weave. In other words, the son of frame cross in turn the son of the chain. 



The twill is characterized by oblique or diagonal lines called ribs. These are obtained by the oblique passage of the warp alternately beneath a weft yarn, then over two weft son. The twill is woven from an armor die 'twill.



SUPERFINE FABRIC - boxer short Clemence de Gabriac

Superfine : the finest knitted fabric.

Fine, smooth, comfortable and elegant. In short; a perfect feel with a touch of luxury. Only the finest, most regular yarns, meeting the highest standards of quality are used. All of these factors are evident in the incomparable feeling of comfort next to the skin.

When producing standard-gauge fabrics, 20 or 28 knitting needles per inch (2.54 cm) are used on the knitting machine (= gauge E20 or E28). In contrast, Superfine fabric use up to more than three times this figure.

This technological leap means that Superfine fabric is now more than 100 % finer than standard gauge E28 fabrics. Broken down to the isolated stitches of a fabric, these are about 8 times finer. This gives the fabric an unparalleled fineness with a surface that is incredibly smooth. It is no longer possible to identify by the naked eye the individual stitches, nor the stich wales or stich rows. There are now some 2,500 isolated stitches per cm² of fabric. With this, the fabric appear to have one single homogeneous fabric surface, being completely dense and even.

The inside support Enjoy’s boxer in Superfine is lighter, finer and much less constraining as traditional boxer shorts or briefs, and as such offer an increased feeling of "well-being" to the wearer.



Swim Short Clemence de Gabriac

To bring you comfort, lightness and durability, our swimshorts are treated, fabric and lining, Repel Teflon® fabric protector.

Repel Teflon ® fabric protector Fabrics treated for repellency fight off most water- and oil-based liquids, without impacting the look, touch, feel, color or breathability of the fabric.

This technology allows liquids to bead up and roll off. It keeps you dry and guarantees you well-beeing and comfort.

Because Repel Teflon® fabric protector helps repel and release stains, it can reduce the need for laundering and dry cleaning. That means you’ll be doing less washing, using lower wash and dry temperatures and have less wear and tear on fabrics. By helping you reduce your water and energy usage and increasing the fabric’s usable life, Teflon® fabric protector helps you have less impact on the planet.

Repel Teflon® fabric protector is built right into the fabric, which means it keeps protecting the fabric wash after wash.  


We recommend you wash your boxer shorts and swimwear at 30° degres and to dry them flat, never in the dryer.



Clemence de Gabriac, marque haut de gamme de dessous pour homme, propose une offre large de caleçon homme luxe. Clemence de Gabriac, le site pour les hommes, est basé sur un concept inédit en France : créateur de sa propre ligne de sous-vêtements hommes commercialisée sur le site clemencedegabriac.fr. Clemence de Gabriac a pour vocation de satisfaire toutes les envies des hommes et des femmes qui souhaiteraient leur faire offrir un cadeau : caleçons Enjoy doublés, caleçons classiques, caleçons de bain (ou maillot de bain), caleçons couture brodés, caleçons long (ou bas de pyjama), caleçons maille (ou boxer) et cadeaux avec les caleçons personnalisés, mais aussi un contenu éditorial riche et interactif, sur le blog Man’s World, pour les hommes qui souhaiteraient remercier leur chérie de leur avoir offert un beau caleçon masculin et élégant.