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Men's Underwear luxury and comfort

The Enjoy Patent


A new concept that makes the difference.

Offering an irreproachable support and the elegance of a boxer short, GABRIAC’s “Enjoy" collection is the subject of a registered patent.

The purpose is the following : a discreet inside support in fine Supima cotton that perfectly suits the shapes and allows such a skin-deep comfort; that the fabric seems to have disappeared. The GABRIAC’s boxer shorts are lighter, finer and less tight.

“Enjoy" collection by GABRIAC is the result of researches mixing innovation and aesthetics, allowing a comfort beyond comparison.


Unique interior fit :

- Comfort: Patented inside support

- Lightweight fabric : the thinnest inner support in the world thanks to the fineness of Supima Cotton backing. The material holds the world record of the thinnest gauge (the finest mesh in the world).


A style :

- Elegant & Colored: beautiful cotton poplin combining quality, subtle colors and exceptional finishes

- Sexy : slim cut close to the body with a perfect fall. The "501" of the boxershort

Our Boxershort give a sensation of lightness and well-being to those who wear them.


Innovation by Color


Fascinated by the light that gives life to fabric and takes care of its meaning with colors, Clémence de Gabriac shares her point of view on the contemporary use of color through natural processes developed in France while respecting the environment .

Formed by the French master of dyeing, Michel Garcia, she discovered the universe of natural dyeing (botany, chemistry, softness and strength of an infinite chromatic world) and the power to give to fabric the color of an envy.

Unlike the conventional synthetic color which is composed of a single molecule, the main characteristic of natural dyeing is the living aspect of dye molecules. The intensity of the color results from the number of coloring molecules which will attach themselves to the unit of length of the fiber, and the nature of the fiber. The durability of the connection ensues from the strength of the connection. For this, with a french dyeing artisan, she imagine new methods to conserve as much as possible all the molecules present in the plants to offer vibrant, luminous and exclusive colors that promote the excitation of the eye. 

Nearly two years of research have been necessary to create a product of infinite beauty, ecological and adapted to the technical requirements of today.

The traditional know-how of natural dyeing is an art, synonymous with quality and humanity. This limited edition anchors the values ​​of Clemence de Gabriac, promotes craftsmanship, supports meaningful approaches to bring beauty and well-being to men.





Clemence de Gabriac, marque haut de gamme de dessous pour homme, propose une offre large de caleçon homme luxe. Clemence de Gabriac, le site pour les hommes, est basé sur un concept inédit en France : créateur de sa propre ligne de sous-vêtements hommes commercialisée sur le site clemencedegabriac.fr. Clemence de Gabriac a pour vocation de satisfaire toutes les envies des hommes et des femmes qui souhaiteraient leur faire offrir un cadeau : caleçons Enjoy doublés, caleçons classiques, caleçons de bain (ou maillot de bain), caleçons couture brodés, caleçons long (ou bas de pyjama), caleçons maille (ou boxer) et cadeaux avec les caleçons personnalisés, mais aussi un contenu éditorial riche et interactif, sur le blog Man’s World, pour les hommes qui souhaiteraient remercier leur chérie de leur avoir offert un beau caleçon masculin et élégant.